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New regulations in New Brunswick shift the financial and operational responsibility for recycling from municipalities to the organizations that produce and sell packaging and paper.

Circular Materials is the producer responsibility organization that is responsible for implementing and managing the new extended producer responsibility recycling system in New Brunswick.

The transition to this new framework will start on November 1, 2023. During this time, there will be no changes to your collection schedule or the materials you can recycle.

Ready. Recycle. Repeat.

When you recycle, you’re making a difference. Recycling benefits all of us and our planet.

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Transition information

Implementation of extended producer responsibility will take place between 2023-2027.

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Latest news

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  • Circular Materials begins the transition to Extended Producer Responsibility in New Brunswick

    First Atlantic Province to introduce Extended Producer Responsibility on packaging and paper Today, Circular Materials begins the transition to extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging and paper products in New Brunswick. This is an important milestone in improving recycling in the province. EPR shifts the financial and operational responsibility of recycling programs to brand owners…

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  • Circular Materials and Circular Economy Month: A Partnership Driving Sustainable Change

    Circular Materials is committed to fostering collaborations that champion our vision and goals. We’re proud to announce our partnership with the Circular Innovation Council’s Circular Economy Month  this October, highlighting our shared dedication to advancing the circular economy for packaging and paper products. Through this month-long campaign, we will collaborate with the Circular Innovation Council in educating and empowering Canadians about the benefits and potential of a circular economy.…

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