We are a national not-for-profit producer responsibility organization that helps producers meet their obligations under extended producer responsibility regulations across Canada.

Committed to building effective recycling systems

We are advancing the circular economy – where materials are collected, recycled and returned to producers for use as recycled content in new products and packaging. As an organization focused on building enhanced recycling systems, we ensure more materials are looped into the circular economy, benefiting both people and the environment.


Our services

We develop, implement and support effective and efficient recycling programs across Canada.

Recycling program design and implementation

We design and implement extended producer recycling programs to help producers meet their regulatory obligations.

Recycling supply chain operations

We create, maintain and manage procurement frameworks, including a library of service standards, statements of work and master service agreements, and we manage these contracts across the entire supply chain.

Producer registration and reporting

We have a dedicated team to support producer onboarding, education, program registration and reporting.

Costing and fee-setting

We create and implement innovative fee-setting models designed to meet regulatory performance requirements. These models determine each material’s share of the total amount producers pay to finance provincial recycling programs.

Regulatory reporting and analytics

We track, analyze and report the performance of various program elements such as tonnes collected and managed, recovery rate, households served, greenhouse gas emissions and financial performance that adhere to the financial and performance audit requirements of specific provincial regulations.

Information technology and systems

We use best-in-class, secure and scalable technology services to provide various platforms for producers, service providers and our team to optimize efficiencies across multiple programs.

Financial and administrative services

We provide financial and administrative services, including producer invoicing and accounts receivable, service provider claims verification, accounts payable, financial reporting and audit management.

Promotion and education

We provide clear, compelling and best-practice consumer promotion and education initiatives that increase recycling rates and drive results.

Project management

We have dedicated project managers who are responsible for program implementation, delivery of annual business cycle activities and management of continuous improvement initiatives.

Our founders

Circular Materials was founded by 17 of Canada’s leading food, beverage and consumer products manufacturers, restaurants and retailers.

Meet our team

Our team is committed to managing and supporting recycling programs across Canada.

Board of Directors

We were created by producers for producers. Meet our board of directors, representing Canada’s leading manufacturers, restaurants and retailers.

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Leadership team

Our team is focused on meeting the requirements of extended producer responsibility recycling regulations, ensuring materials are collected, recycled and used as recycled content in new products and packaging.

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Circular Materials is committed to working with thought leaders that support collaboration and initiatives to advance the circular economy.

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At Circular Materials, we are proud to work with a talented team of dedicated individuals. We support producers to build more efficient and effective recycling systems across Canada.

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