Ready. Recycle. Repeat.

Resources and information to help you recycle right!

Why recycle?

You have the power to make a difference

Your recyclables – once collected, sorted and processed – can be used again and again, coming back into your home as part of new packaging or products!

By recycling, you are protecting our environment and conserving our planet’s natural resources.

The recycling loop

Packaging and paper materials, once recycled, can be turned into new products!

What can I recycle?

Here’s a quick summary of the most common materials you can recycle.

Paper and cardboard

Paper, cardboard and boxboard materials like newspaper, juice cartons and cereal boxes.


Plastic materials like bottles, laundry detergent and yogurt containers.


Steel and aluminum cans and lids for food and beverage products.

Recycle more at redemption centres

Glass, polystyrene foam, beverage cardboard and flexible plastics are now accepted at participating redemption centres. Learn more here.

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