Ready. Recycle. Repeat.

Resources and information to support you in recycling right!

Why recycle?

You have the power to make a difference

Your recyclables – once collected, sorted, and processed – can be used again and again, and can come back into your home as another product or packaging!

By recycling, you are protecting our environment and conserving our planet’s natural resources.

The recycling process

Have you ever wondered what happens after you place your recyclables in the bin?


Recyclables are collected at the curb or brought to a depot.


Recyclables are brought to a facility where they are sorted according to category. The sorted material is then baled and ready to repurpose or sell.

End markets

Baled materials are sold to end markets where they are transformed into new packaging or products!

What can I recycle?

Here’s a quick summary of some of the many materials you can recycle.

Paper and cardboard

Paper, cardboard and boxboard materials like newspaper, juice cartons and cereal boxes.


Plastic materials like bottles, laundry detergent and yogurt containers – and you can keep the lids on!


Metal items like food cans and beverage cans.

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