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Glass, flexible plastics, white foam polystyrene and beverage container cardboard can be dropped off at a redemption centre near you for recycling!

You can now recycle more

Circular Materials is collaborating with the Eastern Recycler’s Association’s network of redemption centres across New Brunswick for a convenient way to recycle additional material free of charge.

Find a Redemption Centre Near You

The following materials can be taken to a redemption centre to be recycled. Click here to view a detailed list of materials.

A four quadrant image. Top-left: bread inside plastic wrapping and juice package. Box checked with teal checkmark. Text: Flexible plastics. Top-right: white Styrofoam container. Box checked with teal checkmark. Text: white foam polystyrene. Bottom-left: blue box with six cans inside. Box checked with teal checkmark. Text: beverage cardboard. Bottom-right: clear jar with no lid. Box checked with teal checkmark. Text: glass packaging.


  • Separate materials from your deposit containers. 
  • Sort materials by material type. 
  • Ensure materials are brought to the redemption centre in a visible container or bag. 
  • Ensure materials are clean and dry. 

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