New Brunswick Stewardship Plan for Packaging and Paper

Circular Materials developed and consulted on a New Brunswick Stewardship Plan for Packaging and Paper on behalf of brand owners obligated by the Designated Materials Regulation under the Clean Environment Act. 

The draft Stewardship Plan was submitted to Recycle NB on October 14, 2022 and is currently being reviewed. The transition to producer responsibility in New Brunswick will take place six months after the Stewardship Plan is approved. 

Relevant Documents

Consultation Information

Circular Materials hosted consultation webinars to review elements of the Stewardship Plan and provide an opportunity for feedback and questions. All feedback was reviewed and considered as we finalized the Stewardship Plan. See below for the consultation materials. 


Circular Materials is a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) that supports producers with meeting their obligations under extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations across Canada. 


Circular Materials developed the New Brunswick Stewardship Plan for Packaging and Paper to support its producer members in meeting their regulatory obligation to develop, consult on and submit a Stewardship Plan to Recycle NB by October 14, 2022.   

The Stewardship Plan will be of interest to all those involved as the province transitions to an extended producer responsibility framework: producers, municipalities, regional service commissions, First Nations communities, service providers and residents. 

Circular Materials submitted its draft Stewardship Plan to Recycle NB for approval on October 14, 2022. We will communicate to stakeholders when the plan has been approved. 

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Producers obligated in New Brunswick can find more information on joining Circular Materials here.