Point Edward

Learn more about your recycling program.

Get in touch

For any recycling collection inquiries, please contact Emterra. They can be contacted for:

  • Replacement bins.
  • Missed collections.
  • Other recycling questions.


Be recycle ready

  • The schedule for recyclable curbside collection has changed to every other week. Recyclables must be set out separately at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on the scheduled days.
  • Please rinse containers.
  • Please take off caps and lids.
  • All fibre must be bundled to a size no larger than 91cm x 91cm x 45cm. An acceptable method of bundling would involve packing a cardboard box (up to the above size) full with fibre.
  • The Village of Point Edward collects all fibre products such as newsprint, cardboard, telephone books, flyers, magazines, books (hard covers removed), boxboard (cereal boxes) and clean pizza boxes.
  • Only shredded paper can be placed in a transparent bag.
  • All containers (cans, glass or plastic bottles, milk, juice cartons, wide mouth containers such as ice cream, yogurt and margarine) must be placed in a blue box. Empty metal paint cans or empty plastic paint cans with little or no dried paint are acceptable.
  • Non-recyclable material includes but is not limited to clam shell containers, bottles coded 3 to 7, Styrofoam, propane tanks, cans with propellant (hair spray) dishes, glassware, ceramics, window glass, mirrors, plastic bags, oil bottles (motor or cooking), paint cans that are a mix of metal and plastic.