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For any recycling collection inquiries, please contact Topps Environmental. They can be contacted for:

  • Replacement bins.
  • Missed collections.
  • Other recycling questions.

Topps Environmental Solutions

Be recycle ready

  • Please ensure your blue bin with the appropriate recyclable material is curbside by 7:00 am on your regular scheduled day. ONLY the designated material for that week will be collected. Please DO NOT place recycable material in clear plastic bags (with the exception of fine shredded paper). 
  • Curbside recycling collection rotates weekly between Co-mingled (plastic, metal and glass) and Fibre (paper and cardboard) collections.
  • During winter, please do not place bags, containers or bins behind, on top, or in the side of snow banks.
  • Cardboard must be broken down flat. Cardboard can be placed loose in a blue bin or bundled inside a small cardboard box or bound with string. Cardboard will not be collected if it is placed curbside loose. Oversized cardboard and bundled cardboard must be sized down such that it is easily handled by a single person and can easily fit into the collection vehicle. Cardboard bundles weighing no more than 50 lbs with dimensions no greater than 24” by 24’ by 12” are acceptable for all types of collection vehicles used in the Town of Renfrew.
  • Recyclable material must be clean and sorted. Containers, bottles, cans etc. should be emptied and washed prior to them being put into the blue bin. Blue bins should be free of non-recyclable material.
  • Recycling should be free of hazardous wastes including broken glass, light bulbs, pressurized containers (including aerosols that have not been emptied), and paint cans with liquid or caked-on dried paint.