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Recycling resources

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Get in touch

For any recycling collection inquiries, please contact Miller Waste. They can be contacted for:

  • Replacement bins.
  • Missed collections.
  • Other recycling questions.

Miller Waste

Recycling collection schedule

  • Monday
    • Seguinbourg
    • North of Route 500 West (Rainville Sideroad, Lafontaine Sideroad & Lebrun Sideroad)
    • All of Route 100 East, Route 200 East, Route 300 East, Route 400 East & Route 500 East
    • Route 400 West
    • Cambridge Forest Estates
    • All rural area north of Route 500 East and West (except Village of Limoges, Racette Sideroad, Gagnon Sideroad and Des Pins Street)
    • Calypso Street
  • Tuesday
    • South of Route 500 West
    • Rural area west of South Nation River
    • All of Route 650
    • Route 600 East
    • Gagne Sideroad
    • All of the Village of St-Albert
  • Wednesday
    • All of the former Township of South Plantagenet
    • Village of Ste-Rose
    • Village of Riceville
    • Village of Fournier
    • Village of Pendleton
  • Thursday
    • All of the former Township of Caledonia
    • Village of St-Bernardin
    • Village of St-Isidore
    • East of Caledonia Road
    • Concession Road 1, 2 & 3 (north of the Alfred Bog)
  • Friday
    • Forest Park
    • All of the Village of Limoges
    • Racette Sideroad
    • Aime Road
    • Gagnon Sideroad
    • Des Pins Street up to Bertrand Sideroad

Be recycle ready

  • Put your recycling at the curb any time after 7 p.m. the evening prior to your collection day and no later than 7 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Place your box(es) on the ground as close as possible to the roadway, but not on the sidewalk, roadway or on top of a snowbank.