Toronto Residents Can Now Recycle Hot and Cold Paper Beverage Cups at Home

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Pilot Lays the Groundwork for Rollout across Ontario by 2026

Circular Materials is pleased to announce that, beginning July 3, 2024, Toronto residents can recycle both hot and cold paper-based and plastic-lined beverage cups at home and other eligible locations. This includes single and multi-residential homes, long-term care homes, retirement homes and elementary/high schools within the city of Toronto. This pilot marks the first step towards incorporating these materials in recycling systems across all municipalities in Ontario by 2026.

As the administrator of Ontario’s common collection system, Circular Materials is responsible for operating the new system for Blue Box materials. Circular Materials is committed to increasing recycling rates across Ontario and ensuring more materials are looped into the circular economy, benefiting both people and the environment.

This pilot will significantly reduce the amount of waste generated from this material and supports the development of a proactive approach to managing recyclable materials and enhancing overall recycling efficiency across Ontario.

“We’re excited to introduce this pilot that allows Torontonians to recycle hot and cold beverage cups,” says Allen Langdon, Chief Executive Officer, Circular Materials. “This initiative represents a major step forward in our mission to enhance recycling processes and efficiency. By collaborating on projects like this, we can improve recycling outcomes, create new efficiencies, and meet performance targets. This pilot not only expands the range of recyclable materials accepted in Toronto but also sets the stage for broader recycling advancements across Ontario.”

Circular Materials is committed to expanding the materials accepted in the recycling system as we work towards transitioning all municipalities in Ontario to an extended producer responsibility framework, where producers are accountable for the entire lifecycle of their products, by 2026.

“Through this pilot, we’re gaining valuable insights that will help us build the necessary infrastructure for efficient beverage cup recycling across Ontario,” says Langdon. “These learnings will be instrumental as we work toward expanding beverage cup recycling across Ontario by 2026.”

Details on the pilot, including accepted beverage cups, preparation guidelines such as ensuring cups are empty, rinsed, and separated from lids or sleeves before placing them loosely in recycling bins, and other important information, can be found at