Agreement finalized with the City of Toronto to deliver a seamless transition

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Agreement Finalized with the City of Toronto to Deliver a Seamless Transition

Circular Materials is pleased to announce another critical milestone in moving forward with the July 2023 transition to extended producer responsibility in Ontario.

As administrator of Ontario’s common collection system, Circular Materials has finalized an agreement with the City of Toronto for the collection of Blue Box Materials from almost 870,000 residences and facilities across the city.

Under the agreement, the City of Toronto will continue to provide blue box collection services to its residents during Ontario’s transition to the new producer responsibility framework.

In June 2021, the Province of Ontario released the Blue Box Regulation that shifts the financial and operational responsibility of recycling from municipalities to the producers of packaging, paper and packaging–like products. As a result, responsibility for Ontario’s Blue Box programs will transition to producers between July 2023 and the end of December 2025, with Toronto being one of the first to transition on July 1, 2023.

“Having taken on the responsibility to provide a seamless province-wide collection system for Blue Box Materials, we are pleased to be working with the City of Toronto to deliver Torontonians a smooth transition to extended producer responsibility,” said Allen Langdon, Chief Executive Officer, Circular Materials.

This agreement is a key element enabling Circular Materials to build an efficient and effective recycling system that meets the needs of residents, increase recovery rates, and keep material circulating in our economy.

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