Agreement finalized to operate the common collection system in Ontario

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Agreement Finalized to Operate the Common Collection System in Ontario

Circular Materials and Ryse Solutions are pleased to announce they have finalized the execution of the System Access Agreement to operate the common collection system (CCS) in Ontario.   

This agreement is a critical milestone in moving forward to begin the July 2023 transition to extended producer responsibility in Ontario. 

The parties to the System Access Agreement are producer responsibility organizations (PROs) that meet the definition of a PRO under the Blue Box Regulation and have duly registered with the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority as per s. 46 of the Regulation.  

The System Access Agreement supports producer compliance and sets out the administrative, operational and procurement policies and practices by which the common collection system will be operated, including: 

  • Establishing Circular Materials as the Administrator of the CCS,
  • The process to establish the common collection system, 
  • The process by which other PROs or producers may access the CCS and blue box material in it, 
  • Funding for the common collection system, 
  • Promotion and education, 
  • Dispute resolution, and, 
  • The role of the PRO Operating Committee.

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