Producer Working Group Terms of Reference

Mandate of the Producer Working Group

The Producer Working Group will support Circular Materials (CM) by providing insight into the perspective of its producer customers on CM compliance services, including but not limited to, the points of interface between Circular Materials and its producers such as the producer portal, the Producer Services Agreement, producer support services, preparation of the Annual Producer Report due to RPRA and any compliance functions or enforcement actions initiated by the RPRA.

The Working Group provides a forum for CM producers to:

  • Participate in development of CM’s approach to a common collection system, procurement of collection services, standardization of collection services and improved promotion and education.
  • Participate in development of CM’s approach to materials management, including optimizing sortation technologies and processes at materials recovery facilities, and developing end-markets.
  • Participate in development of CM’s approach to making recyclable material available to producers that are looking to incorporate recycled content in their products and packaging.
  • Participate in development of CM’s fee-setting methodology and material costing methodology.
  • Discuss issues of interest related to CM’s compliance services such as procurement of services.
  • Provide suggestions on improvements to the producer portal and producer support services.
  • Provide suggestions on how to clarify and improve the Producer Services Agreement and associated Dispute Resolution Policy and Liquidated Damages Policy.

The Working Group also provides a forum for CM producers to review and where appropriate seek clarification on any RPRA published documents to ensure there is a common understanding of reporting requirements and compliance obligations under the Blue Box Regulation. This is critical to ensure a level playing field among producers supplying Blue Box materials to consumers in Ontario.

Chair of the Producer Working Group

The Producer Working Group will be chaired by a CM Board Director supported by the CEO.


Representatives of producers who have executed Producer Services Agreements and who have executed Representation Agreements until the expiry of Representation Agreements on June 30, 2022, are invited to be part of the Producer Working Group.

The Producer Working Group will be a reasonable size to accommodate discussion.  Should demand exceed this size, use of specialized subgroups and other mechanisms for receiving input from CM’s producers will be considered.

Operation of the Working Group

Meetings of the Producer Working Group will be held on a regular basis and scheduled in advance of key compliance activities such as registration and reporting deadlines and following release of any new RPRA guidance documents or webinars.

The agenda for these meetings will be set by the Working Group Chair with appropriate input from Working Group members.

Review of the Working Group

The mandate and responsibilities of the Working Group will be reviewed at least once per year.