Reporting resources

Client program reporting resources, including the Guidebook, material lists and more.

2023 updates available

Stewards registered with client program — Recycle BC, MMSW or MMSM — are required to submit reports on the WeRecycle Portal by May 31 for the packaging and paper supplied in each province.

Stewardship Ontario has implemented a simplified fee setting for the Blue Box program, eliminating the need for almost all stewards to report detailed annual material data for the remaining years of the program, which ceases operations after 2025. More information is available here.

For Ontario producers registered with Circular Materials as their producer responsibility organization (PRO), please contact for reporting resources.

A range of client program resources are available below to assist and guide stewards in collecting and accurately reporting their packaging and paper data.

Customer Relations is available to assist with any questions and advise on reporting best practices: or 1-888-980-9549.

Guidebook for stewards

The Guidebook is a definitive source for client programs steward information about registration and reporting. It is available as interactive web pages and as a PDF.

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