Reporting Resources

2022 Updates Available

Producers, or stewards, registered with Recycle BC, MMSW or MMSM are required to submit reports on the WeRecycle Portal by May 31 for the packaging and paper supplied in each province.

Stewardship Ontario received final approvals from the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA) to implement simplified fee setting for the Blue Box program. With simplified fees most stewards will no longer be required to submit detailed material reports for Stewardship Ontario to the WeRecycle Portal for the remaining years of the program (calendar years 2022, 2023, 2024), which ceases operations in 2025. Stewardship Ontario stewards who do not need to report will have their annual fees calculated based on each steward’s budget share from the 2021 and 2022 invoice years (2019 and 2020 sales data years). More information about simplified fee setting is available on the Stewardship Ontario website.

A range of resources is available below to assist and guide stewards in collecting and accurately reporting their packaging and paper data.

National Steward Services (NSS) is available to assist with any questions and advise on reporting best practices: or 1-888-980-9549.

Guidebook for Stewards

The Guidebook is a definitive source for steward information. Click here to view and download the Guidebook for Stewards.

  • WeRecycle Portal – The Portal is a proven and secure reporting platform. New stewards need to register and be onboarded before submitting reports.
  • Portal Support – When logged in to the Portal, direct assistance from the NSS team is available via online chat. Click the “get info” icons to access relevant Guidebook information or use the Reporting Hub for guidance on collecting material data.
  • Portal User Guide – The Portal User Guide (PUG) provides detailed information for navigating the Portal’s more modern interface to submit your data and complete administrative tasks.
  • Reporting Hub – Online, searchable access to Sector Tips for various business types, product information for common packaging with their material categories and FAQs about reporting.

Minor changes have been made to some existing policies for 2022. There have also been minor changes to the Rules for MMSM, and to the Membership Agreements for Recycle BC and MMSW.

All current policies and forms are available here. Most accept electronic signatures within the PDF.

  • Steward Lists – Lists make it easier for retailers and other first importers to identify which suppliers’ packaging and paper to include or exclude from their reports.
  • Material Guidance
    • Materials Tool – This interactive tool helps stewards correctly identify the designated materials supplied to consumers and supports more accurate annual reporting. Click here to watch a how-to video.
    • WeRecycle Material List
    • Reporting Hub – Reporting and sector tips are now available online with searchable access for various business types, product information for common packaging with their material categories and FAQs about reporting.
  • R2R Checklist – Summary of items that all stewards should consider before they begin entering reporting data in the WeRecycle Portal.
  • 2022 Material Fee Rates: Excel file maps 2022 material fee rates with program material categories in a user-friendly format.
  • Reporting Excel Workbook: Template orders each program’s material categories so quantities can be easily transferred to Portal.

Reporting webinars were held on February 23 and 24, 2022, for new and experienced reporters. All stewards were welcome to attend either or both events.

The presentation files and replay links are posted below.

A Q&A summary for both webinars is available here.