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New Brunswick’s extended producer responsibility regulation for packaging and paper obligates all “brand owners” to register with the provincial regulator by Feb. 11. 

This includes manufacturers of packaging and paper, distributors, first-importers and owners or licensees of registered or unregistered trademarks under which packaging or paper is supplied.

To complete the registration process, we ask that you first register with Recycle NB and then let our team know that you have registered.

Step One

Register with Recycle NB

New Brunswick’s Regulation for packaging and paper products requires all those identified in section 2(b.2) of Part 5.3 Packaging and Paper of the Designated Materials Regulation - Clean Environment Act to register with Recycle New Brunswick (“Recycle NB”) by February 11, 2022.
Section 2(b.2) defines “brand owner” as, with respect to packaging and paper sold, offered for sale or distributed in or into the Province, a person who:
is a manufacturer of packaging or paper
is a distributor of packaging or paper
is an owner or licensee of a registered or unregistered trademark under which packaging or paper is sold, offered for sale or distributed, or
if packaging or paper is imported into the Province, is the first person to sell the packaging or paper
The person registering with Recycle NB by February 11, 2022, can designate Circular Materials Atlantic as their agent to meet the brand owner’s obligations under the Regulation. Circular Materials Atlantic can also identify those producers that sign up with us when we submit the stewardship plan in October 2022.
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Why Be Represented By
Circular Materials?

As producers participating in recycling programs across the country, Circular Materials’ founders have created an organization specifically tailored to support producers with meeting all regulatory requirements.


We are ensuring producers have a voice in the development of the blue box collection system through our Rule-Making Working Group.


We offer effective and transparent producer governance with meaningful producer engagement.


We will continually drive cost efficiency through a competitive procurement process for collection and processing services.

Step Two

Sign up with Circular Materials

Fill out this form to let us know that you have or intend to register with Recycle NB and are marking down Circular Materials Atlantic as your “agent” (i.e., PRO) on the form.