Make Your Tonnes Count.

Join Circular Materials and have a say in creating Ontario's new blue box system.

There is still time to have a say.

In the coming weeks, proposed rules for Ontario's new blue box collection system will be submitted. As a producer represented by Circular Materials, your organization will have an opportunity to offer feedback and guidance on how that system will work.
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Why Circular Materials?

As producers participating in recycling programs across the country, Circular Materials’ founders have created an organization specifically tailored to support producers with meeting all the requirements of Ontario’s Blue Box Regulation.

Strong Representation

We are ensuring producers have a voice in the development of the blue box collection system through our Rule-Making Working Group.

Transparent Governance

We offer effective and transparent producer governance with meaningful producer engagement.

Cost Efficiency

We will continually drive cost efficiency through a competitive procurement process for collection and processing services.

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If your organization is interested in being represented by Circular materials, please fill out the form below and our team will send you a representation agreement to review.